Where to Watch


Real Road Adventures—USA Public Television Distribution

Small World series and specials are distributed by American Public Television to PBS stations across the country. Stations airing Small World shows reach more than 97% of US households—117-million households with more than 310-million viewers. Our shows also reach 90% of Canadian Households through PBS stations along the US/Canada border.

Small World series and specials have aired on more than 1180 public television channels. Public TV stations operate multiple channels, including their primary channel and the Create and World channels from APT.  Most stations will air Real Road Adventures series on several of their channels.

Real Road Adventures will also air on Create, APT’s lifestyle and 'how-to' digital cable channel in 87% of USTV Households.

Small World series and specials are placed in rotation after initial broadcasts and public television stations may repeat shows from time to time for seven to ten more years.

As an example of carriage, in its first-year of distribution Small World’s special, Adventures with Purpose: Switzerland, aired nearly 3,000 times around the country including:

  • 39 times in New York, the number one TV market
  • 81 times in Los Angeles, the number two TV market
  • 28 times in Chicago the number three market
  • 64 times in Philadelphia, the number four market
  • 42 times in San Francisco, the number six market
  • 22 times in Boston, the number seven market
  • 4 times in Atlanta, the number eight market
  • 4 times in Washington DC, the number nine market
  • 12 times in Houston, the number 10 market
  • Plus more than 2700 times in medium and smaller markets.